This Website intends to make the Raid Shadow Legends game more accessible by publishing detailed information and tips to every players.

Any player, whether he is new or experimented, can use this Website to understand which way he should go, depending on his team.

Data Sources

This website is using 4 main data sources:

The datas are scraped and formatted programatically before being hosted on an open source platform allowing anybody to contribute: see on Github.

The scraping, formatting and display source code can be found there as well.


Anybody can contribute, that’s the essence of this codex.

We are planning to setup an automatic releasing to have a more autonomous community in the future.

If you want to contribute, but don’t know how, you can read this interesting article, or contact us by mail: [email protected].


A big thank you to all of our contributors, including, but not only:

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The Website does not claim any responsibility in case of incorrect or non up-to-date informations that could lead to a non optimal gaming experience. The data are extracted from other existing websites, whose sources are considered as trusted by the community.