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Skills of Yannica

Even the Odds

Even the Odds

If Champion is under a [Veil] buff, attacks all enemies 2 times. Otherwise, attacks 1 enemy, then attacks another random enemy. Each hit has a 50% chance of placing a [Leech] debuff for 2 turns. Damage based on ATK
Level 2 Damage +5%.
Level 3 Damage +5%.
Level 4 Damage +10%.

Baffling Speed

Baffling Speed

Cooldown: 4 turns

Attacks 1 enemy. Places a [Perfect Veil] buff on this Champion for 3 turns if this attack is critical. Grants an extra turn. Damage based on: [ATK]
Level 2 Damage +5%.
Level 3 Damage +5%.
Level 4 Cooldown -1.

Elven Judgement

Elven Judgement

Cooldown: 5 turns

Attacks all enemies. Will ignore Shield buffs. Removes Shield buffs from targets if this Champion is under a Veil buff or Perfect Veil buff, then deals xtra damage equal to 15% of the value of the removed Shield buffs. Damage based on: [ATK]

Increases Spirit Ally ATK in all battles by 36%


Increases Spirit Ally ATK in all battles by 36%


A mage of impressive innate power and talent, Yannica may very well be a personification of numerous expectations that younger races have of her people – both the good and the bad. She is incredibly intelligent without a doubt, a master of many arcane arts. Her counsel is never given without consideration or understanding of the subject. She is, however, gratingly arrogant and self-righteous. The condescending smirk that so often finds its way to Yannica’s noble features has been the bane of many an ally. As a young apprentice, Yannica was obsessed with learning spells that fell outside the arsenal of run-of-the-mill wizards. Setting foes on fire or turning them to ice? Effective, certainly, but boring in her eyes. Instead, Yannica sought arcana that would allow her to siphon the strength of her targets and bolster her allies in some form. Her true breakthrough was deciphering ancient writings that she inherited from her tutor and using the knowledge concealed within to perfect her own rendition of the spell of the Veil. Its first actual application was a resounding success as well. When accompanying an older Magister on an expedition to uncover Artifacts in the crypts far north of the Aravian capital, Yannica found herself and her allies beset and nearly overwhelmed by the undead. Risking a half-tested spell, she managed to disappear from the enemy’s sight with a dramatic explosion of mist. Even the halfwit ghouls were thrown into confused disarray by the display. And before they, or Yannica’s own party, were any the wiser, she rushed into a position of vantage. From there, she unleashed a spell that had slain numerous undead, while others were left weakened for her allies to finish off. Thus the lives of many scholars and accompanying guards were saved. And although the expedition did not recover anything truly extraordinary that time, Yannica’s quick wit and decisive actions ensured her reputation among her peers was solidified from thereon.

Ratings of Yannica

Clan bossWithout T6 mastery:
With T6 mastery:
Ice Golem’s Peak
Dragon’s Lair
Spider’s Den
Fire Knight’s Castle
Minotaur’s Labyrinth
Force Keep
Magic Keep
Spirit Keep
Void Keep

Masteries advices

Advices regarding the mastery choice for Yannica.

T6: Warmaster or Giant Slayer?

This is based on Warmaster or Giant Slayer? . Please refer to the article for more informations.

Clan Boss

We recommend using Warmaster, the skill Even the Odds hits 0 time, which will benefit more to Warmaster than Giant Slayer.


We recommend using Warmaster in the Arena, despite the number of hits any skill from Yannica does.

Masteries for Yannica

For Arena, Campaign, Faction Wars by ayumilove


Yannica is not part of any fusion

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