Dark Elves

Dark Elves
Fallen from grace in their homelands of Aravia, the Dark Elves inhabit the forests that border the realms of Teleria. They see persecutions in Kaerok rather as a boon than a bane supplying them with a stream of silver. They have set up tolls for those anxious to pass safely, but woe betide those who cannot pay.
FoliDark Elves
GhostbornDark Elves
RaeDark Elves
Vizier OvelisDark Elves
ZaviaDark Elves
AstralithDark Elves
Blind SeerDark Elves
Queen EvaDark Elves
LuaDark Elves
LuriaDark Elves
Madame SerrisDark Elves
SpiderDark Elves
Captain TemilaDark Elves
Crimson HelmDark Elves
DelverDark Elves
Fang ClericDark Elves
PsylarDark Elves
WardenDark Elves
ColdheartDark Elves
Pain KeeperDark Elves
HarvesterDark Elves
HexweaverDark Elves
KaelDark Elves
SpirithostDark Elves
EvisceratorDark Elves
JudgeDark Elves
Mystic HandDark Elves
ParagonDark Elves
RetainerDark Elves
Steel BowyerDark Elves
WandererDark Elves
SniperDark Elves
RedeemerDark Elves
HeartpiercerDark Elves
LurkerDark Elves
MagekillerDark Elves
RangerDark Elves