High Elves

High Elves
High Elves originate from Aravia where they have built a wondrous, shimmering city. Living in these lands of plenty has enabled them to evolve their society to the highest degree of physical, intellectual, and spiritual achievement. High-principled, they welcome exiles and offer them new homes further east.
ArbiterHigh Elves
BelanorHigh Elves
LyssandraHigh Elves
Royal HuntsmanHigh Elves
Basileus RoanasHigh Elves
ElenarilHigh Elves
IthosHigh Elves
PyxnielHigh Elves
ShirimaniHigh Elves
YannicaHigh Elves
Royal GuardHigh Elves
TayrelHigh Elves
BattlesageHigh Elves
ExemplarHigh Elves
JinglehunterHigh Elves
LuthieaHigh Elves
MarksmanHigh Elves
ThenasilHigh Elves
VergisHigh Elves
ApothecaryHigh Elves
ElhainHigh Elves
HeiressHigh Elves
HyriaHigh Elves
AdjudicatorHigh Elves
AvengerHigh Elves
FencerHigh Elves
InterceptorHigh Elves
MagisterHigh Elves
ElfguardHigh Elves
JaegerHigh Elves
AristocratHigh Elves