Knight Revenant

Knight Revenant
Disciples of the K'leth death cult, the Knights Revenant see themselves as vessels of the spirits of the dead of their order. They raid indiscriminately to capture slaves to support themselves and as ritual sacrifices. Upon initiation, devotees surrender their bodies to the spirits of dark warriors.
BystophusKnight Revenant
HegemonKnight Revenant
Narma the ReturnedKnight Revenant
SoullessKnight Revenant
Thea the Tomb AngelKnight Revenant
Tomb LordKnight Revenant
Wurlim FrostkingKnight Revenant
DoompriestKnight Revenant
Miscreated MonsterKnight Revenant
Rector DrathKnight Revenant
Sepulcher SentinelKnight Revenant
SineshaKnight Revenant
SkullcrownKnight Revenant
Bergoth the MalformedKnight Revenant
Crypt WitchKnight Revenant
Golden ReaperKnight Revenant
KytisKnight Revenant
NecrohunterKnight Revenant
PestilusKnight Revenant
WhisperKnight Revenant
DeathlessKnight Revenant
FacelessKnight Revenant
Pitiless OneKnight Revenant
Coffin SmasherKnight Revenant
ExecutionerKnight Revenant
RenegadeKnight Revenant
AcolyteKnight Revenant
ArcanistKnight Revenant
CenturionKnight Revenant
Crimson SlayerKnight Revenant
DaywalkerKnight Revenant
GladiatorKnight Revenant
GuardianKnight Revenant
MagusKnight Revenant
TheurgistKnight Revenant
HeraldKnight Revenant
AdmonitorKnight Revenant
CultistKnight Revenant
ThrallKnight Revenant