Sacred Order

Sacred Order
For centuries the Knights of the Sacred Order were charged with cleansing Teleria of evil in all its guises. But since the declaration of war, they have sworn allegiance to the Queen of Aravia. In league with the Queen's Necromancer, these once-holy knights now enforce her Majesty's will and guard her chattel.
MartyrSacred Order
VenusSacred Order
AbbessSacred Order
CupidusSacred Order
Sir NicholasSacred Order
ErrolSacred Order
Roshcard the TowerSacred Order
LightswornSacred Order
AdrielSacred Order
AotharSacred Order
CardinalSacred Order
FenaxSacred Order
FrostbringerSacred Order
HopeSacred Order
JulianaSacred Order
RelickeeperSacred Order
RomeroSacred Order
TalliaSacred Order
BushiSacred Order
CanonessSacred Order
Lady EtessaSacred Order
MissionarySacred Order
Mistress of HymnsSacred Order
AthelSacred Order
ConfessorSacred Order
DraconisSacred Order
Mother SuperiorSacred Order
PenitentSacred Order
TemplarSacred Order
WarpriestSacred Order
ChaplainSacred Order
HarrierSacred Order
HospitallerSacred Order
JudicatorSacred Order
JusticiarSacred Order
LamellarSacred Order
MaidenSacred Order
Sanctum ProtectorSacred Order
WitnessSacred Order
HeadsmanSacred Order
PurgatorSacred Order
RenouncerSacred Order
SolarisSacred Order
ArmigerSacred Order
CrusaderSacred Order
PilgrimSacred Order
SergeantSacred Order
Battle SisterSacred Order
IntercessorSacred Order
MilitiaSacred Order
Outlaw MonkSacred Order
VigilanteSacred Order
SharpshooterSacred Order
NovitiateSacred Order
Sister MilitantSacred Order
KnechtSacred Order
PreacherSacred Order
YeomanSacred Order