Undead Hordes

Undead Hordes
Awakened by the call of the Corruption, these ghouls andcreatures of the night inhabit the forgotten tombs and darkplaces of the world, and serve as minions to the Dark One. Whilemost are the desecrated carcasses of fallen Telerians, othershave lurked in the darkness for centuries... awaiting their time.
Bad-el-KazarUndead Hordes
Siphi the Lost BrideUndead Hordes
Ma'ShalledUndead Hordes
NethrilUndead Hordes
Rotos the Lost GroomUndead Hordes
SaitoUndead Hordes
SkartorsisUndead Hordes
Suzerain KatonnUndead Hordes
BloodgorgedUndead Hordes
Crypt-King GraalUndead Hordes
ElegaiusUndead Hordes
Harvest JackUndead Hordes
Little Miss AnnieUndead Hordes
GorgorabUndead Hordes
Mausoleum MageUndead Hordes
SeekerUndead Hordes
Catacomb CouncilorUndead Hordes
Corpse CollectorUndead Hordes
Dark AthelUndead Hordes
Dark ElhainUndead Hordes
Defiled SinnerUndead Hordes
HexiaUndead Hordes
HuskUndead Hordes
KaramUndead Hordes
LichUndead Hordes
ZelotahUndead Hordes
Amarantine SkeletonUndead Hordes
BansheeUndead Hordes
Bone KnightUndead Hordes
DoomscreechUndead Hordes
Frozen BansheeUndead Hordes
Gravechill KillerUndead Hordes
GrinnerUndead Hordes
SeducerUndead Hordes
Corpulent CadaverUndead Hordes
Drowned BloatwraithUndead Hordes
Ghoulish RangerUndead Hordes
HollowUndead Hordes
Rotting MageUndead Hordes
SorceressUndead Hordes
Stitched BeastUndead Hordes
TemptressUndead Hordes
WretchUndead Hordes
ArbalesterUndead Hordes
DhampirUndead Hordes
SkullsquireUndead Hordes
SkellagUndead Hordes
VulpineUndead Hordes
Dead CrusaderUndead Hordes
Death HoundUndead Hordes
DeathknightUndead Hordes
HellhoundUndead Hordes