General gearing tips

General gearing tips

How should I gear my new champion? This is a question every player asks, either to himself, on the chat, to his clan, or even on Reddit.

The answer can be simple, but does not work every time. There are basic concepts that you can apply, but it applies 90% of the time. We will cover those 90% cases, but keep in mind that unless you’re very far in the game, the 90% is in fact 100%.

General guidelines

We recommend you to follow those points:

  • Try to complete set bonuses as much as possible, unless you need a specific stat
  • Use mostly Speed, Defense, Offense, HP, Crit (both rate and damage) set bonuses
  • Using the Accuracy set should be a case-by-case matter applying if:
    • The champion has any debuff
    • And if the debuff are importants
      • For example, Coldheart needs to apply a debuff for its A2 to apply poisons. In that case, you will need accuracy
      • If the debuff is not needed for any ability, then don’t bother
  • Most of the 4 pieces set are garbage and situational, thus can be sold. Exception made for Shield and Lifesteal
  • If you’re lucky and got very good Relentless pieces, then it’s worth using them, but it’s situational

Stats available on each artifact

Stats available on each artifact

The quality isn’t the best (this is coming from Plarium’s forums), however, here are 4 things we want to remember while looking for gear:

  • Accuracy bonus from the banner is huge (for example, 5 banners reach 78 accuracy)
  • Weapon primary stat will always be ATK. For champions not requiring ATK, aim for very good substats
  • Helmet primary stat will always be HP
  • Shield primary stat will always be DEF

Gearing an Attack champion

  • Aim for Crit. Damage / Crit. Rate / Attack / Speed
  • Keep Crit. rate around 70%, unless an ability requires a critical hit to work, in that case, aim for 100%. Bear in mind that 70% is situational, if the champion is used in a specific case where you need 100% crit, then go for 100%
  • Use crit, speed, berserker pieces, and offense pieces to make those stats the best possible. Make sure you complete the sets though
  • You will probably need multiple attempts to find the best sets combinations

As far as stats, we recommend:

  • Crit. Damage% on Gloves
  • Attack% on Chest
  • Speed on Boots

Gearing a Defense champion

  • Aim for Crit. Damage / Crit. Rate / Defense
  • Aim for Speed depending on how important it is for them to go fast
  • Mix Crit. Rate and Crit. Damage in the substats to improve their damage
  • Try to squeeze in HP% to improve the survival
  • Use either speed or defense set. In some cases, retaliation can be good

As far as stats, we recommend:

  • Crit. Damage% or Defense% on Gloves
  • Defense% on Chest
  • Speed or Defense% on Boots

Gearing a Support champion

  • Aim for Speed, HP and Defense. The champion needs to be fast and to survive (apply effects/debuffs and take as many turns as possible to apply them again)
  • Unless the champion does very good damage (there are few labeled as support that aren’t real supports), don’t go for damage stats
  • If the champion has debuffs, you will need decent accuracy
  • As far as sets, we recommend going for 3 times speed set

As far as stats, we recommend:

  • HP% or Defense% on Gloves
  • Defense% or HP% on Chest
  • Speed, Defense% or HP% on Boots

Gearing a HP champion

  • Build the champion the same way than defense ones, except you focus more on HP than defense
  • Depending on the general damage output or speed requirements, try to it the speed on boots, or the crit. damage on gloves

As far as stats, we recommend:

  • HP% or Crit. Damage% on Gloves
  • HP% on Chest
  • Speed or HP% on Boots

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