How to grind the Clan Boss as a Clan

How to grind the Clan Boss as a Clan

As the only activity done inside a Clan as of today, the Clan Boss is merely another encounter which needs preparation. Remember when you made a team just to be able to correctly farm Spider 15? Well, it’s the same here, except that you need to get your Clan to make a team just to kill the Nightmare Clan Boss (that’s today’s end goal).


As hard as it can be, the biggest challenge is to get 30 people up to the task. You will need dedicated players, ready to throw 3 keys per day without using “auto” mode on the Clan Boss. As there are many ways to recruit members today, this won’t be any troubles, however making sure the members stay dedicated is the biggest challenge. You will also need to ensure everybody is almost at the same level. You don’t want to have a member hitting the Hard boss for 60M in 2 keys, he will get bored and will want to change Clan to be able to hit other bosses, while your Clan barely kills the Hard boss…

Clan Boss difficulties


Get the most out of your chests

The rules are basic:

  • Don’t hit a boss if you already have the biggest chest possible, unless you need damage to kill it ;
  • As long as you can’t kill the next boss, dropping some keys on the highest boss your Clan can kill is the best thing to do ;
  • When you feel like you have 10 people who can top chest the next boss, ask your clan to switch ;
  • Right after the switch, if you don’t have enough damage to get a chest from the next boss, hit the boss that you used to hit before.

Chest rewards can be very helpful. Varying from gear to shards (through skill tomes and potions…), they can be very handy, and what you want is to maximise your chances of getting a good reward. Hence, make sure you get the most chests you can every day.

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