Episode 3: The best poisoners in the game to kill the Clan Boss

In just under 25 minutes you will have a deeper understanding of the importance of poison in the Clan Boss fight and who can help you do the most damage in this role. Hellhades then ranks rares through to legendaries side by side both for damage potential and overall utility.

The champions mentioned in this video

ZaviaDark Elves
KaelDark Elves
MarksmanHigh Elves
HyriaHigh Elves
Tomb LordKnight Revenant
Occult BrawlerOgryn-Tribes
VenusSacred Order
AotharSacred Order
JulianaSacred Order
Outlaw MonkSacred Order
Bad-el-KazarUndead Hordes
NethrilUndead Hordes