Episode 9: The best healers for Clan Boss?

In RAID: Shadow Legends, some champions are capable of healing themselves and even your whole team. While any champion can heal himself through the Lifesteal Set, a dedicated healer champion will be in charge of keeping your champions as high as possible in terms of HP, in order to recover correctly from the damage the Clan Boss inflicts to the team.

We encourage you to watch the full video, as Hellhades’ explains very patiently each champion’s utility and then creates a nice “Tier list” of Clan Boss healing champions!

List of healer champions you can use

ApothecaryHigh Elves
Pain KeeperDark Elves
WarpriestSacred Order
Captain TemilaDark Elves
CardinalSacred Order
DoompriestKnight Revenant
ThenasilHigh Elves
ArbiterHigh Elves
Bad-el-KazarUndead Hordes

Healers vs Lifesteal

Healers: pros and cons


  • They are great until you get masteries. Recent players, this is for you!
  • Late game, it will allow you to use other sets on your champions than Lifesteal
  • Less RNG based. Most of the healing made by the Lifesteal gear is through procs of Warmaster or Giant Slayer (with the exception of very hard hitters)


  • Will reduce the potential damage output of your team. Healers will not be attacking the Clan Boss 100% of the time (with the exception of Bad-el-Kazar, but this is a god tier champion)
  • You may need some other utility (Hellhades explains in his video)

Lifesteal: pros and cons


  • You need tier 6 masteries to correctly perform. This is because your champions will have Lifesteal applied on their Warmaster/Giant Slayer masteries procs
  • Definitely better on multi-hit A1, due to potential multiple Giant Slayer procs
  • Stronger with Counterattack, since it grants additional A1 hits, thus more healing


  • Reduces items you can equip with the 4 piece set
  • If you need specific stats it may require a long time to get the perfect piece of gear