Increasing your Player Power

Increasing your Player Power

Gaining player power can give you multiple benefits. The higher the player power of a Clan is, the higher it is in the Clan rankings, so that’s definitely good publicity.

Keep in mind that player power won’t help you get through all the difficulties of RAID: Shadow Legends, and that power also means… nothing! But it’s a good indicator of the value of your account, and it’s also a good way to help your Clan grow.

Ways to easily gain Player Power

Keep a full champion inventory

Champions themselves can bring player power. For example:

  • Each level 1 rare has around 3.000 power
  • Each level 1 uncommon has around 1.5000 power

If you have 300 level 1 rare champions in your inventory, it makes around 900.000 player power.

Expand your champion vault

The more you have room for champions, the more your player power grows.

Develop your Great Hall

The statistics you get by increasing your Great Hall are available for all your champions. So if you have 400 champions, then the 400 of them get the bonus defense, critical damage, or even resistance! More power!

Focus on Resistance

While farming gear or upgrading your Great Hall, if your focus is player power, then you definitely need to focus on Resistance. This stat is the one bringing the more power!

Put Resistance gear on your unused champions

Tip for dupes or vault guardians: equip them with resistance gear. More player power!

Focus on Clan Achievements

Clan Achievements add power to the overall ranking.

Upgrade your champions, artifacts and masteries

Example of Player Power displayed in the profile

By checking your profile (click on your portrait), you can see which category brings you the most player power.

Tips to efficiently gain power

  1. When doing the daily quest on Campaign battles (either “Win 7 Campaign Battles” or “Beat 3 Campaign Bosses”), run stage 7 of Tilshire. The rewards are resistance gear, which can be a good way to get gear for your vault guardians!
  2. Keep the chests with Resistance as main stat, and upgrade them. Those are great to get good resistance stats for your champions.
  3. Upgrade your artifacts to level 8 (it costs a bit of silver, but not much), and see if you get good resistance rolls for your vault champions
  4. Do as much Arena battles as possible every day, and put your Great Hall points into resistance. One resistance upgrade can give you from 50.000 to 100.000 player power alone, depending on your champions.

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