Starter champions. Screenshot taken from the game on iOS

This is a question every new player asks: which champion should I pick first? Well, this game is making you take decisions very quickly, once started for the first time, you have to choose between 4 champions: Galek, Elhain, Kael and Athel. Below you’ll find some bullet points to acknowledge in order to correctly chose your champion.

  1. Figure out the gameplay of each champion


    For those who are familiar with other RPGs, you can consider Kael as a magician. His principal strength is his ability to deal damage over time, which is really good for single targets fights (which is, to say, most of the content inside dungeons). His gameplay relies on you being able to apply as much poisons as you can, while using his abilities with cooldowns to deal AoE damage. It is to say, this one is a very good champion for the late game.

    Galek, on the other hand, is a very good champion to apply debuff on your enemies. Combined with another attacker, you’ll see the damage output go through the roof! His gameplay mainly relies on alternating between AoE damage to buff him, and very strong auto-attacks.

    Elhain is probably one of the most picked starter champions (she’s the first in line), but I don’t believe this is the best pick you can make. Although her critical strikes make her a mighty opponent, critical strike is based on chance. The early game won’t allow you to have close enough to 100% chance of critical strikes to get the full power out of her.

    Finally, Athel is probably one the best champions listed here. Its gameplay is fitting most of the end game content.

  2. Think about the future

    Although they are all ranked 3 stars out of 5 on our comparison pages, two champions are outstanding here: Galek, and Kael.
    The debuff capacity from Galek is huge, and the damage output it grants to your team makes him an incredible champion to have in your team.
    Kael and Athel are also a very good champion for the Clan Boss, which will be your main focus during the late game.

  3. Make a pick

    Loading screen from the Arena
    As far as I’m concerned, I picked Galek and raised him as high as I could. I also got Kael from the shards, and raised him too. The Galek/Kael combination is very good! But other players are also very happy of Athel or even Elhain. Whatever you do, chose the one you want, they are all equally good to be your first 6 stars champion!