[Patch 1.7] 10 May 2019 – 13 champions

[Patch 1.7] 10 May 2019 – 13 champions

After a few days marked by a large campaign of downtimes and server issues, Plarium managed to announce the introduction of 13 new champions: 3 legendaries, 3 epics, 5 rares and 2 uncommons. Let’s get to know the legendary, epic and rares ones, and figure out whether they can be a good addition to your team of just another champion you can use to feed your team!

Legendary Champions

FoliDark Elves

With a passive “Cleanse” ability (which also heals him), Foli looks like he could be a great addition to an Arena team to deal with annoying Provoke / Stun teams.

Hakkorhn Smashlord 3rd attack will always deal 50% of the max HP of the target, but at the cost of 50% of his own health (it can kill him). Combined with an AOE team in Arena, you could win an Arena fight in less than a turn, but at the price of a risky play, since if anything goes wrong, your tactic may get you to lose the fight. Be careful.

Drexthar, the new Demonspawn legendary, has a very interesting aura increasing the accuracy of the team by 70. This is huge! It looks like he will be a must have in the end-game for Clan Boss with his other skills having a chance to inflict a HP Burn debuff on the target.

Epic Champions

Towering TitanOgryn-Tribes

Cagebreaker and Towering Titan are made to be played together: Towering Titan is able to transfer 50% of the damage on Cagebreaker to him.

Alika‘s first skill has a chance to generate a second hit (critical, if ascended). Her second skill will ignore the target’s DEF if the target MAX HP is higher than hers. Her third skill has a chance to increase the cooldown of all enemies skills by 1 turn. This will be huge during long fights. Paired with Sakira (a future champion?), she will revive to 75% of her health when she’s killed.

Rare Champions

EvisceratorDark Elves
Fortress GoonOgryn-Tribes
Pain KeeperDark Elves

Eviscerator‘s first skill damages twice the enemy, and on critical strike, she can apply a poison debuff on the enemy. She increases her team’s critical rate by 15% in the Arena.

Fortress Goon can apply healing reduction and defense reduction debuff on the enemies, and increase your team’s defense.

Malbranche can place a Bomb debuff on its target, while adding a Counterattack buff on herself too. She increases her team’s speed by 16% inside the Arena.

Pain Keeper has a damaging ability hitting all the enemies and healing the whole team by 25% of their MAX HP. Combined with a 1 turn cooldown reduction team, you can probably get a good healing going in the Arena or even against the Clan Boss!

Tormentor can reduce the accuracy of an enemy champion by 25%.

The facts enounced inside this page are mostly speculation. The game is not known enough to anybody to be 100% certain of the veracity of facts while discussing the situational utility of a champion.

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