[Patch 1.10] What’s new?

[Patch 1.10] What’s new?

After a bit of teasing, Plarium decided to release the 1.10 patch on Thursday, August 8th.

While adding a new faction with new champions, it also fixes some game issues, as well as adding:

  • a new buff (Veil)
  • a new Clan Boss difficulty *new tournaments

The update also comes in with multiple champion re-balance, covered by the patch note edited by Plarium.

The Dwarves

Rebalanced champions

AstralithDark Elves
Steel BowyerDark Elves
VergisHigh Elves
Tomb LordKnight Revenant
FacelessKnight Revenant

New Clan Boss Difficulty

A new clan boss difficulty has been added. Due to the apparition of 6 star artifacts, the Nightmare boss became a bit too easy, hence, welcome the “Ultra-Nightmare” difficulty!

Other updates

  • Void Shard Summoning Chances have been adjusted and brought up to match those of the Ancient Shard
  • Minor changes to the Artifact Upgrade Events will be implemented to streamline the process and make it more convenient
  • An option to delete an equipped Artifact has been added. The Artifact is lost, but removing it costs no Silver
  • An option to open a specific Affinity Keep for 24 hours has been added. It costs 200 Gems for Magic, Spirit, and Force Keeps. And 300 Gems for the Void Keep
  • Adjusted the Multi-Battle Champion queue to make it more convenient for the players
  • Artifact Drops adjusted, High-Rank Legendary Artifacts are far more likely to drop from later Stages in the Dungeons (while Rare Artifacts drop rate has been decreased for those Stages). Earlier Stages have a decreased drop rate for High-Rank Legendary Artifacts
  • Shaman, Jizoh, High Khatun, Yaga the Insatiable, and Dark Athel have been removed from the Sacred Shard Summons
  • Fixed the error that appeared when attempting to sell an Artifact that was just taken from the Inbox
  • Fixed the error that appeared when attempting to link a Plarium ID of an already existing account to a new account
  • Fixed Hakkorhn Smashlord’s [Blood Offering] Skill, self-damage is no longer mitigated by the Champion’s DEF
  • Fixed Zavia’s [Deadly Catalyst] Skill, it applies Block Revive properly now even if the target is killed by Warmaster/Giant Slayer damage

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