[Patch 1.7] 15 May 2019 – Live update

[Patch 1.7] 15 May 2019 – Live update

A live update has been performed the 15th of May. This is the second live update since the release of patch 1.7. We will go through the changes, and perform a quick analysis to understand whether it changes anything or not at all.


10 new missions have been added “for good measure”.

As far as we’re concerned, adding 10 new progress missions to the part 4 will only make us wait a bit more before getting the longly awaited Arbiter.


Divine scrolls drop rate from the Minotaur has been increased.

This is very good news, and it will make it easier for us to complete the mastery trees of our preferred champions.


An issue preventing some players to complete the Artifact Challenge event has been fixed.


  • Norog

    Fixed an issue causing “Tick Skin” (skill 3) to remove immunity effects from bosses

  • Arbiter

    Decreased base speed from 110 to 100

    Aura skill increases ally speed by 30% instead of 34% in the Arena


  • Giant Slayer damage multiplier has been increased. Output is now equal to 7.5% of champion MAX HP (up from 5%), or 3% of target’s max HP (up from 2%).
  • Warmaster damage output for Uncommon champions has been fixed, they were not doing enough damage.

Our feelings

Based on the recent (big) changes, it is quite normal to have such regular hotfixes of the game. Keeping a balanced game when there’s such a diversity of characters is quite complicated, and Plarium seems to be doing a good job so far.

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