[Patch 1.9] 12 new champions!

[Patch 1.9] 12 new champions!

Plarium announced 12 new champions released the 26th of July.

The champions

HarvesterDark Elves
AdjudicatorHigh Elves
HegemonKnight Revenant
Golden ReaperKnight Revenant
Pitiless OneKnight Revenant
Crimson SlayerKnight Revenant
Occult BrawlerOgryn-Tribes
Crypt-King GraalUndead Hordes

What should we think of it?

By releasing 12 new champions, Plarium is trying to generate more ways of playing this game, and new tools to create strategies. While this is a very good point and a very good decision in terms of game architecture, it is a bit blunt due to the amount of “Attack” typed champions.

One champion we are looking forward to is Occult Brawler, with his enormous poison gameplay! His A1 applies 5% Poison, and he has a passive that can apply 2 poison debuffs as well!

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