Clan boss show off: 50M damage in UNM, no unkillable!

In this video, we can see how this team worked up around 50M damage on the UNM Clan Boss difficulty without needing an Unkillable buff!

VenusSacred Order
  • Venus: 235 Speed/Relentless. Had 87 turns, 21/30 counter attacks, lived 44 rounds
  • Raglin: 302 Speed. Had 85 turns, 24/30 counter attacks, lived 46 rounds
  • Altan: 258 Speed. Had 84 turns, 26/32 counter attacks, lived 50 round
  • Valkyrie: 272 Speed/Relentless. Had 102 turns, 28/32 counter attacks, lived 50 rounds
  • Krisk the Ageless. 276 Speed. Had 77 turns, 32/32 counter attacks, lived 50 rounds

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