A look back at the Game Design discussion (January 2020)

Plarium released on their forum a recap of discussions they had between game designers and players.

Suggestions for Dungeons

Increase the number of small potions on Stage 15 in Dungeons

We’re planning to increase the minimum number of small potions on Stage 15 from 3 to 7 in patch 1.14.

Add five more Stages to the Minotaur Dungeon and Potion Keeps

That’s not in our plans. Especially, since we’re going to increase the minimum amount of small potions on Stage 15, we don’t see an urgent need in creating higher Stages.

Suggestions for Clan Boss

Endless HP for CBs (limit of received Chests in 24 hours).

We do want to do something with the scarcity of HP on CB; thus we are checking and looking into all possible variants, to satisfy all players. Endless HP for CB is one of them. And it is very likely that we will implement that. First, though, we will bring the changes that we have already announced in the CB area and get to resolving the HP question a little bit later.

Remove Rare Books from Nightmare and UNM Chests

Yes, we will remove them from the last Chests on Nightmare and Ultra-Nightmare CB. However, we would like to inform you, that according to our plan, the value of our Rare Champions and Rare Tomes for them, will be noticeably increased in the future.

Notification that the limit of turns in a battle has been reached.

We’re going to add the counter for the number of CB’s turns and the dealt damage in release 1.14.

Suggestions for Champions

Give something for utilizing duplicates.

We have planned an amazing feature that will turn duplicates into benefits instead of disappointment.

Random fusion: fuse three champions of the same rank to get one of the same rank ("badluck" counter)

We know that it is practised in some other games of this genre and we’ll think about possible variants, however, this is not on the list of priorities right now.

Allow players to choose the priority of Skills usage in auto-battles (alternative - fix existing AI problems).

Pre-setting of Skills usage in auto-battles is something that is being in the process of creating, however, it won't be introduced in the nearest future. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Septimus’s A2 on auto will be fixed right after Release 1.13. We are also preparing other AI fixes for the closest releases.

Expand the main Champions storage.

We'll try to make it happen.

Label champs somehow to be able to distinguish duplicates

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll think about it.

Convert Champions into Chickens

Every Champion has a unique personality! We would not want to hurt their feelings and to convert them into “food”. We don't think it'll happen, especially if we expand the main Champions storage.

Champions which are fully skilled should have a visual cue in their icon, for example, a green "s" on the top right

It sounds very interesting, but we won’t do it due to our future plans. We’re planning to add one more way to improve our Champions (it has nothing to do with the Ascending, Masteries and Skill Tomes), so this way of the visual cue will be illiquid.

Suggestions for the Arena

Rewards in Gold 4 Tier

We’ve discussed this question multiple times and still haven’t made the final decision. We thought about creating brackets in Gold Tier (like Platinum Tier with 300 places in it) to improve the rewards for Gold 4, but we’re not sure if such a feature can please most of the player base. Thus, the question about the Rewards in Gold 4 Tier is still open and we will keep thinking about what we can do here.

General suggestions on the Game

A warning when Inbox is full.

There are several options for how we can deal with this one. We’ll think those through.

Show champs from the Vault in the Fusion tab

This will be added in the nearest updates

Sell Accessories right after a battle

Yes, that is something we are planning to do very soon!

Add a copy to clipboard feature when messaging in the in-game chat

While there is an evident advantage to it, still, there are some players that can use it to spread harmful links and we wouldn't want it to happen, so it’s not something that we will consider for implementation.

More free auto-battles (similar to the event that we had once)

We will double the number of battles in the Multi-battle mode in Campaign, both free and in subscriptions in release 1.13.

Search a champion by name in Index

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll think about it.

Friends List, direct messages

The “Friends” feature is in the planning stages right now, so it’s a bit too early to talk about details. We want to make certain the in-game Friends feature has a meaning, and as such, we will look into ways of providing that meaning. But this is definitely one of the features that we plan to add in the future.

A "hatred" system: for example, Elhain and Berserker are mortal enemies, and thus will deal 150% damage to each other.

This one also sounds really cool! We will not let it go unnoticed

Morale damage when "good" and "bad" factions are banded together. For example, a Dark Elf champion and a High Elf champion in the same team result in -10% speed (or HP, damage, etc.)

That is something we need to think about. Thanks!

A Mino tournament (event)

It’s in our plans, but can’t say yet if we will be able to launch it any time soon

Activate the Inbox resources that are about to expire automatically

We’ll think about it

New Auras with debuffs (decrease def for arena only, all other for all locations- debuff res, acc, spd, hp, atk)

Hm, that’s quite an interesting idea, we’ll think about it. Thanks!

Review Raid Pass (subscription) privileges

There are some improvements in Raid Pass in Release 1.13.

Make it possible to buy offers for gifting them to other players

Sounds interesting, we'll keep this idea for further consideration.

Add the feature to compose and sort groups for Arena, Dungeons, CB, FW

This is one of the features we plan to add in the future, of course.

Review Market

Yes, we are already considering possible variants of improving the Market by adding more resources and ways to utilize them there.

Suggestions for the Campaign

Add Mystery Shards to Nightmare Campaign

No problem, we’ll add them:)

Suggestions for Clans

Clan currency, Clan Shop (based on the Clan position in the global Rating).

We do have a lot of plans (similar to this suggestion) on developing the Clan area, and we are working on them.

Push notification for a Clan Leader leader (and deputies) when someone joins or leaves

We’ll try to make it happen, but not in the nearest future. We still haven't decided yet how it can be introduced.

Add more Deputies in Clans.

We will undoubtedly make it happen!

Suggestions for artifacts

2 Artifacts pre-sets.

We have some high-priority Artifacts-related tasks on the table (you may have seen some spoilers in our Official Discord), so we’re not sure about this one for now. But we’ll keep this idea in mind.

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