Hellhades: what YouTube and RAID brings him

Hellhades: what YouTube and RAID brings him

Hellhades has been an influent YouTuber in the RAID: Shadow Legends for a few months now. He is a member of the Gallifrey clan, and has been helping the Gallifrey cluster to grow with his influence, and his advices.

His youtube channel now has more than 65.000 subscribers, and his discord server of almost 1000 players is a great growing community.

We have been in touch with Hellhades since the beginning of this year 2020. He accepted to take some time to answer a few questions we had for him!

When did you start playing RAID: Shadow Legends? What do you like in RAID: Shadow Legends?

I started playing Raid in april 2019 mainly as it was a game I could play whilst commuting into London for my job.
I was attracted to the Visuals, the Role play style and the strategy.

What made you decide to start a YouTube channel with RAID: Shadow Legends as one of the main games you'd show?

I started content for 2 reasons:
  • It felt like there was a gap for end game content and I was offering a lot of end game advice and builds in my clan so I decided to try it.
  • I spent more than I wanted on raid and to continue I needed to find a way to subsidise it!

What does being a YouTuber bring you, as a player?

I really enjoy the way I have to think of a challenge in the game trying to consider it from end game, mid game and newer player.
Being a Youtuber forced me to try new things in the game.

What does being a Youtuber bring you, as a person?

As a person it has stretched me in a lot of ways, loads of new skills which before November 2019 I hadn't used - editing, recording, thumbnails, marketing, discord
It's also really rewarding personally when you start to grow and people are grateful for help you have given them.

Is YouTube your full time job, or do you have other activities?

YouTube became my full time job last week! I have since started to work on twitch streaming too HellHadesTV which pairs really well with the YouTube channel.

If you had an advice to give to every player in RAID, what would it be?

Plan how to use your resources carefully. Think about team dynamics over a single powerful champion.

Thanks for the answers! Is there any YouTuber/player you'd like us to interview?

Stew gaming or Jgigs!

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