A team for Spider 20 under 30 seconds!

Crypt-King GraalUndead Hordes
ColdheartDark Elves

This video, posted by BCRelax03 on Youtube , shows a team composed of Aina, Ignatius, Crypt-King Graal and two Coldheart taking down the Spider 20 under 30 seconds.

While those champions are not the best champions alone for Spider, their combination is excellent:

  • The fastest member, Aina, puts down Decrease DEF and Weaken debuffs, increasing Coldheart‘s damage
  • The second member to attack, Ignatius, is able to put down a HP Burn AOE on all the spiderlings.
  • The third member, Crypt-King Graal, has a Freeze AOE that can protect the Coldheart from taking damage
  • The two Coldheart are built with maximal Crit. Damage in order to have their A3, Heartseeker, deal maximum damage to the Spider (in the video, it’s shown at 1.8M damage).

This video was found on this Reddit post , from /u/BBNvn .

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Amazon Prime: claim your 3rd reward!

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