Best champions for the Spider's Den

Updated for patch 2.20

God tier for the Spider’s Den

PsylarDark Elves
ColdheartDark Elves
Deacon ArmstrongSacred Order
ArmigerSacred Order
Urost the SoulcageUndead Hordes

Top tier for the Spider’s Den

Archmage HellmutBanner-Lords
ZaviaDark Elves
Countess LixDemonspawn
Duchess LilituDemonspawn
LyssandraHigh Elves
ElfguardHigh Elves
Rector DrathKnight Revenant
SineshaKnight Revenant
SkullcrownKnight Revenant
Ghrush the ManglerOgryn-Tribes
AbbessSacred Order
MartyrSacred Order
VenusSacred Order
Bad-el-KazarUndead Hordes
Nekhret the GreatUndead Hordes
Siphi the Lost BrideUndead Hordes
NethrilUndead Hordes
VogothUndead Hordes
Dark AthelUndead Hordes
SkullsquireUndead Hordes

How to win a fight in the Spider’s Den

The Spider fight is tricky. The endless spawn of spiderlings, the ability from the Boss to heal itself from the spiderlings, and the over-time damage from the spiderlings make this fight a really complex one to prepare for.

  • Bring champions with high AoE potential
  • Bring champions with Decrease Turn Meter abilities, such as Coldheart
  • Bring champions with high single target damage
  • If you have champions that can reset your other champions cooldown, bring them in too

Useful champions for F2P players

  • Coldheart
    Brings in some AoE damage with her A2, but her A3 is a game changer with the huge single target damage, and the turn meter depletion
  • Bellower
    Huge and constant AoE damage
  • Sister Militant
    Despite being a common champion, she deals constant AoE damage and is not complex to gear/book.

Tactics and teams, described by players

Hellhades’ “How to beat the Spider” guide

In this video, Hellhades covers 4 possible teams:

  • A nuke team
TayrelHigh Elves
Royal GuardHigh Elves
Royal GuardHigh Elves
Prince KymarDemonspawn
High KhatunBarbarians
ColdheartDark Elves
Mausoleum MageUndead Hordes
Gurgoh the AugurOgryn-Tribes
  • A team based on negative affinity tank
TayrelHigh Elves
ColdheartDark Elves
ColdheartDark Elves
ApothecaryHigh Elves
SineshaKnight Revenant
TayrelHigh Elves
Royal GuardHigh Elves
ColdheartDark Elves
Mausoleum MageUndead Hordes

Spider guides

Building a Spider Team
Building a Spider Team

Building a Spider team isn't easy, mostly because this is a one of a kind dungeon. Find some help in this guide originally written by a community member!